Bainbridge Island's Sustainable Transportation Plan will establish a new vision for how we travel around the island safely and help meet the City Council's goal of reducing 90% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

We will work together to create a connected transportation system that improves mobility and safety for all, while honoring our rural island character.

What’s Happening Now?

This summer, we want to hear your big ideas, understand your mobility values and learn about the ways you move around the island. Please scroll through this open house and look for the comment bubbles comment bubbles to share your feedback.

Two bicyclists descending a two-lane street, approaching a pedestrian crosswalk

View the August 20 virtual community meeting

About the plan

The Sustainable Transportation Plan will be guided by our community’s values, focused on reducing the Island’s carbon emissions by 90% by 2045 and improving safety and mobility for all.

We are developing this guide to our future transportation in collaboration with the Bainbridge Island community and the members of our Sustainable Transportation Task Force and our Technical Advisory Team.

Who’s involved in making the plan?

 08/01/2020 - Due to COVID-19, the City of Bainbridge Island will continue to review outreach tools with the safety of its community members and staff in mind. We are moving forward with the Sustainable Transportation Plan. However, we are following current public health guidelines by moving our outreach and meetings to online platforms, supplemented by non-digital, socially-distanced activities to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. The City will continue to monitor conditions and adjust as needed. To learn more, please visit bainbridgewa.gov/1213/COVID-19


sustainable transportation taskforce icon  Sustainable Transportation Task Force

key public input point  Key Public Input Point

sustainable transportation taskforce iconkey public input point



Vision, Goals, & Performance Measures

  • Public Input on Goals & Performance Measures

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Evaluation Framework & Gap Analysis

  • Gap Analysis
  • Evaluation Framework

sustainable transportation taskforce iconsustainable transportation taskforce icon

  2020 - 2021


Project, Program, & Policy Identification

  • Project, Program, & Policy Identification, & Evaluation
  • Scenario Development

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Near-Term Action Plan Development

  • Public Input on Scenarios & Recommendations
  • Funding & Implementation Plan
  • Near-Term Action Plan



Plan Approval

  • Approval of Sustainable Transportation Plan

sustainable transportation taskforce icon  Sustainable Transportation Task Force

key public input point  Key Public Input Point

Share your ideas 

What’s most important to you when it comes to mobility on Bainbridge Island?

Our values will be the foundation of the Sustainable Transportation Plan. We will use them to guide decisions and make investments that advance us toward a shared vision. Tell us what matters most to you!

In addition to our Island’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2045, we know there are other important values you hold when it comes to moving around Bainbridge Island. We will use your input to shape goals for the Sustainable Transportation Plan and set a framework for decisions and investments.

Two lane road in rural setting, with bicyclist traveling one direction and Share The Road sign on post visible on other side

Share your values

Thank you to everyone who participated in our activities!

Tell us what’s great about traveling on Bainbridge Island!

Traveling on Bainbridge Island is great when…

Thank you to everyone who participated in our activities!

What’s your big idea for sustainable transportation on Bainbridge Island?

The Sustainable Transportation Plan needs your ideas to shape a new vision for the future of mobility on Bainbridge Island.

Share your Big Idea

Thank you to everyone who participated in our activities!

Submit your Big Idea and you could see your idea featured here!

What has changed about how you move?

As you have sheltered at home and adapted to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak, how have your travel needs and behavior changed? We want to ensure the Sustainable Transportation Plan responds to and supports your changing mobility needs.

In the last four months...

Thank you to everyone who participated in our activities!

Let's get moving!

Tell us about your experiences traveling around Bainbridge Island! Where do you go? How do you get there? What challenges do you experience along the way?

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Stay involved

Over the next nine months, we’ll be asking for your input to help shape the Sustainable Transportation Plan. There will be two major points of engagement, but your feedback is always welcome! This first big engagement in August 2020 focuses on mobility values, your current travel experiences, what’s changed for you since COVID, and big ideas for sustainable transportation planning. The second major public input point, in winter 2021, will highlight packages of priority projects, programs, and policies to achieve our mobility vision and goals.

Please share this website widely with friends, neighbors and colleagues as we continue spreading the word about the Sustainable Transportation Plan. Check back often for new content – as we’ll be posting everything we do right here! And don’t forget to share your thoughts whenever you see comment bubble on this website.

Visit the project website for more information about the Sustainable Transportation Planning Study. Sign up on the Notify Me page to receive project email updates.

If you have questions or concerns you can email Project Manager Mark Epstein anytime at mepstein@bainbridgewa.gov or give him a call at 206-780-3721.

Contact us

You’ll continue to hear from us throughout the project. We’ll share regular project updates through this online open house, the Sustainable Transportation Planning Study project page, and through island-wide mailings.

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